Tour to Georgia for 8 days

Tour to Georgia for 8 days from Tbilisi is the best tour in which were included the most popular sights of western Georgia, with master classes and wine tastings.

General information:

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Arrival to: Tbilisi

Departure from: Batumi

Route: Tbilisi – Signagi – Kazbegi – Mtskheta – Batumi

Tour program:

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi

Meeting at the Tbilisi airport with a sign

Arrival from the airport to the hotel at about….

and rest in the hotel – 30 minutes

Tbilisi City Tour – We offer a walking tour of the city of Tbilisi, with a professional English-speaking guide.

This is a wonderful city in which the past and present harmoniously intertwine. Each street and building, monument has its own special charm. The name of the city comes from the word “Tbili” – “warm”. Indeed, the city is very warm and sincere. Everyone who has visited at least once will not be able to forget him and will strive to come again and again.

Tour of Tbilisi:

a walk along the old streets of Meydan (Abanotubani) to the area of ​​the famous sulfur baths (where people can swim in their free time, where A. Pushkin, M. Lermontov liked to swim), scientists call a unique architectural monument, which has no analogues in the world. They are built on springs, waters of which are rich in hydrogen sulfide. According to the recommendations of doctors, they are recommended for back pain, metabolic disorders, obesity.

We’ll take a walk along Aliyev’s park, Shardeni street (mini Paris in Tbilisi), Rike park, after using the cableway we’ll get to the Narikala fortress – the citadel, the best observation deck, the same age as the city. We’ll walk along the glass bridge of Peace and friendship. We will visit significant historical and architectural monuments, the temple of Metekhi, Anchiskhati, the Mosque, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Synagogue. We look into the wine cellars and penetrate into the secrets of Georgian bread, “tonis puri” – literally translated: “bread from the oven”. “Tone” reminds a stone well. It is dug into the ground and lined with clay brick from the inside. The fire is raised at the bottom of the well.

In Tbilisi there are bakeries in which baked shoti are literally at every step. A visit to the restaurant – dinner with a show program (for an additional fee, optional)

Day 2:

Tbilisi – Bodbe – Signagi – Tsinandali – Telavi – Tbilisi

At 9:30 Departure to the eastern part of Georgia – Kakheti, the city of Love – Sighnaghi, which is located on the slopes of the Alazani Valley, is a vine area, the birthplace of Georgian wine and a region with interesting architectural monuments. Before reaching Sighnaghi we will visit the Bodbe monastery complex of St. George, the IV century Bodbe monastery – the monastery where St. Nino, the enlightener of Georgia, rests.

In the Middle Ages, the Bodbe Cathedral was the site of the coronation of the Kakheti kings. According to the Decree of the Russian Emperor Alexander III, from the end of the 19th century a nunnery was opened here, which functions to this day.

The charming beauty of the Alazani Valley and the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains opens from the territory of the monastery.

Sightseeing tour of the recently restored city of love, the small, beautiful Sighnaghi, which is famous for its eponymous fortress, which is included in the list of the most famous fortresses in Georgia.

Visiting the family estate of the princely family of Chavchavadze, we will get acquainted with the history and life of secular society in Georgia of the 18th century after visiting the famous Tsinandali winery, take a walk in the park. Another tasting will take place at the Peasant Wine House in Velistsikhe.

For lunch, we will visit a farm, taste barbecue, as well as wines prepared in the traditional Kakhetian way in clay jugs – qvevri, known in Georgia for more than 6000 years. And today, peasants in households make wines according to old recipes. After visiting the city of Telavi – getting to know the main city and administrative center of Kakheti.

Beautiful panoramic views of the vineyards of Kakheti and the mountains of the Caucasus pacify.

Return to Tbilisi

Day 3:

Tbilisi– Ananuri – Kazbegi / Gudauri – Tbilisi

Departure for the tour at 9:30

Excursion to Kazbegi (breathing freely in the mountain air)

Along the Georgian military road, along the gorge of the Aragvi River, we begin the path to the north, to the Main Caucasian Range. After the grandiose Zhinvali reservoir, an impressive and powerful Ananuri fortress will appear before our eyes. For many centuries this stronghold has been the last line of defense for the inhabitants of this part of the country – the fortress blocks the entrance to the gorge and in order to get there, the enemy needed to take hold of the bastions, and this was rarely possible for anyone …

After the fortress, when the mountains are becoming higher and more menacing, after the villages of Pasanauri and Mleta, the famous Cross Pass begins, described in many famous literary works, the authors of which are Pushkin, Lermontov, Dumas, Ilf and Petrov (suffice it to recall Ostap Bender and Kisu Vorobyanyanov) …

Lunch at the Pasanauri restaurant. Almost at the very top of the pass (and the highest point is an altitude of 2395 meters), the Gudauri ski resort is conveniently and freely located. To enjoy the unique and breathtaking views of the mighty mountains, we bypass Gudauri and reach the observation deck, from where all the splendor of these places will open before our eyes. From Gudauri we continue to move north.

The main Caucasian ridge remains behind and we drive along the gorge of the Tergi river, which is further known in the North Caucasus as the Terek. We reach the village of Kazbegi (Stepantsminda), from where it is only a few kilometers to the Georgian-Russian border. Here, if you are lucky and the peak is not behind the clouds, we will see one of the highest mountains of the Caucasus – Kazbek (5033 m). Visit the Sameba Holy Trinity Church, built in the 14th century on the top of one of the mountains (altitude more than 2300 meters) near Kazbegi.
And of course, we will continue our way to the border to see the famous and beautiful Darial Gorge.

Return to Tbilisi

Day 4: Tbilisi – Uplistsikhe – Gori – Batumi We will go to the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe (fortress of God), one of the oldest settlements in Georgia. The walled city fascinates with its unusual appearance. Like giant pores on the rocks, the cave grottoes gape, inside which life once boiled. Several hundred different structures were carved into the rock – temples, public buildings, houses, streets, squares, etc.
In the cave city, there is an outstanding two-column reception hall of Queen Tamar, with arched niches and huge pylons. Uplistsikhe was a cult temple city, a large pagan center before the adoption of Christianity by Georgia (IV century), which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. An exciting journey awaits you in the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe (Fortress of God), one of the oldest settlements in Georgia. Next, we will visit the city of Gori and the house where Joseph Stalin grew up, his museum and trailer.

Transfer to Batumi, hotel accommodation. Recreation

Day 5 Batumi city tour and mountainous Adjara

Batumi – City tour in Batumi. Excursion to the fabulous city of Batumi, which easily falls in love with visitors. There is some unique charm in this small and hospitable town. We invite you to a two-hour walk and you can be sure you will like it!

In addition, you will find out where to taste the best Adjarian khachapuri, where the best Georgian wine is served, where to get quality souvenirs in memory of your stay in our wonderful country.

During the city tour, you will get acquainted with the main attractions of Batumi, its history and architecture. You will find a walk along Old Batumi, where the spirit of past centuries reigns. The old city is distinguished by a variety of architectural delights: the buildings are decorated with chimeras, mermaids, atlantes and other mythical creatures.

You will also get acquainted with the modern architecture of Batumi, which is very avant-garde and interesting. Each building is striking in its diversity of architectural forms and directions. Thanks to our professional guide-historian who madly loves Georgia, you will immerse yourself not only in the historical aspects of the city, but also will be able to feel the very Georgian spirit.

Excursion to mountainous Adjara

Excursion to the mountainous Adjara. A visit to the Gonio fortress (1st century BC.), Sarpi – Georgian border with Turkey, an excursion to the monument to St. Andrew the First-Called.

Next, an excursion to Mountainous Adjara  to the Mahuntseti waterfall, and the arched bridges of Queen Tamar of the 11th century, swimming in the most frequent bay of the Black Sea coast.

planned Lunch

Mountainous Adjara  is a sunny region with rich nature and clean air. On the way you will see magnificent landscapes, the longest river of Adjara – Adjaristskali. Next, a trip to the Makhuntseti waterfall, which is considered to be the pearl of the mountainous Adjara. Under the waterfall is not a man-made pool created by nature itself, where tourists like to swim and take healing baths. We’ll walk along the arch bridge of Queen Tamar of the 12th century, which is built of rocky stones.

Return to the hotel. Recreation.

Day 6: Batumi – Kutaisi – Tbilisi Departure from the city of Batumi to the city of Tbilisi through the capital of Imereti, the second city of Georgia and the main a city in western Georgia, which is located on both banks of the Rioni River. We will visit the unforgettable and amazing Prometheus cave. Georgian legends say that the angry gods chained the young man to a rock, because he betrayed the divine fire. The length of the cave is 11 km, and the constant temperature is 14 degrees. These beautifully illuminated formations of stalactites and stalagmites seem incredible and exquisite. A tour of the Prometheus Cave is a walk along a winding path among hanging stalactites, protruding stalagmites, underground rivers, lakes and even waterfalls. Visit to Gelati monastery.

Return to Tbilisi, hotel accommodation, rest.

Day 7: Free day.

Day 8: Free day.


For your convenience, we have compiled a tour that includes:

Georgian hospitality Hotel accommodation in Tbilisi BB (breakfast)

Accommodation at the hotel in Batumi VV (breakfast)

Transfer by comfortable car within the tour Excursion program with an English -speaking guide

Entrance fees according to the program

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