Tour to Georgia for 10 days from Batumi

A 10-day tour to Georgia from Batumi is a tour that includes the picturesque landscapes of Western Georgia – canyons, caves, high mountains, waterfalls, and wellness treatments in magnetic sands and relaxing sulfur baths.

General information:

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights Itinerary: Batumi – City tour – Martvili Canyon + Okatse Canyon + thermal springs — Adjara Mountain — Music Park + magnetic songs Ureki / sulfur baths — Prometheus Caves + Motsameta Monastery – Botanical Garden + dinner on a trout farm — Batumi

Tour program:

1 day: Arrival in Batumi

Meeting at the airport / train station in Batumi.

Transfer to the hotel and rest at the hotel – 30 minutes.

Our acquaintance we begin with a walk through the fabulous city of Batumi, which easily makes you to  falls in love with itself. There is some unique charm in this small and hospitable town.

You will find out where to taste the best Adjarian khachapuri, where the best Georgian wine is served, and  where to buy the best souvenirs in memory of your stay in our wonderful country.

During the city tour, you will get acquainted with the main attractions of Batumi, its history and architecture. You will see the places where A. Chekhov, S. Yesenin, M. Bulgakov and other famous writers lived, created and fell in love.

You will find a walk along Old Batumi, where the spirit of past centuries reigns. The old city is characterized by a variety of architectural details: the buildings are decorated with chimeras, mermaids, atlantes and other mythical creatures. You will also get acquainted with the modern architecture of Batumi, which is very avant-garde and interesting.

With the help of our professional guide, who really  loves Georgia, you will immerse yourself not only in the historical aspects of the city, but also be able to feel the very Georgian spirit.

Day 2: Martvili Canyon – Okatse Canyon – thermal springs

Breakfast. On the second day, we will see the canyons of western Georgia – one of the most spectacular natural monuments of Georgia, which are included in all tourist lists of top places, which are mandatory for visiting during a vacation in Batumi. But not every traveler knows about all the treasures and secrets of this picturesque corner!

The first in our list of visits is Martville Canyon. It belongs to the “wet canyons”, and its distinctive feature is that even if the temperature is +35, the canyon is always fresh and comfortable. You can take a boat with an instructor along the picturesque riverbed to the so-called “baths of the Princes of Dadiani”, admire the cascade of waterfalls and walk along the suspended paths along the canyon.

Having reached the Okatse canyon, we take a walk along a suspended walking path above the gorge at an altitude of about 200 meters and enjoy the stunning scenery from the observation deck above the canyon. Exciting sensations and trembling in the knees are guaranteed))) On the way we drive in at the churchkhela factory, a well-known Georgian delicacy. There Churchkhela is always the freshest and highest quality))

And the last location is relaxation therapy in the healing thermal springs of Nokalakevi. Optionally, we call in the restaurant “Sanapiro” (paid separately).

3 day: Free day or optional excursion *


Day 4: Mountain Adjara

Breakfast. Departure to the most popular destination from Batumi. Here you will have sea views, with crystal clear water and magnificent views of the border with Turkey, and then you will find yourself in a mountainous region with rich nature, mountain rivers and protected forests.

We will visit the fortress of Gonio-Apsaros (I century A.D.) – the oldest outpost on the territory of Georgia. Many myths and legends are associated with the Gonio fortress, including the famous story of the glorious campaign of the Argonauts in Colchis for the Golden Fleece. According to another legend, the grave of the Apostle Mathias, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ,  is on the territory of the fortress.

We will drive to the Georgian – Turkish border of Sarpi. On the way, we will take photos at the waterfall and the statue of St. Andrew, which is dedicated to the arrival of the Saint in Georgia in the 1st century A.D.

The road leads us to the mountainous region of Adjara Keda with the unique nature of the subtropics, gorges, rivers and amazing landscapes. You will see the confluence of two mountain rivers – Chorokhi and Adzharistskali, the Makhunseti waterfall (54 m high) is considered to be the pearl of Mountainous Adjara, the arched bridge of Queen Tamara (12th century) and swimming in a pool of a waterfall or in a mountain river (optional); And then a free tasting of honey, homemade wine and chacha are awaiting us!!

And finally,  lunch in the vineyards at Shervashidze wine cellar! We will get acquainted with the technology of wine production by local residents, we will see containers from the past centuries for crushing grapes, collecting and storing wine, where we can purchase the wines we like and visit the vineyards.

Day 5: Shekvetili Music Park + magnetic sands in Ureki / sulfur baths in Vani

Breakfast. The first location of our amazing trip will be a music park in Shekvetili. The theme park on the Black Sea coast is located in a eucalyptus grove. But the most surprising is another: many paths leading to sculptures of musical stars: singers, musicians, composers, as well as famous Georgian performers. Each of the monuments is equipped with touch speakers that reproduce musical accompaniment when you approach them.

Further on your choice:

  • we can go to the village of Ureki, which is famous for its beach. Sand of gray-black color has healing properties. The magnetic field of sand strengthens the immune system, accelerates regeneration and acts as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, you can safely dig in it))
  • Or we will visit an amazing place called Vani. There, not far from the center of the village there is a place with sulfur baths.

Day 6: Prometheus Cave – Motsameta Monastery

Breakfast. The tour contains two of the most striking sights of the regions of Imereti and Samegrelo. Prometheus Cave is a complex of karst caves, accidentally discovered in 1984 in the area of Kumistavi – by the name of the nearby village. This is the largest equipped cave in Georgia (length – 1450 m, height – up to 80 m). The kingdom of underground lakes, rivers, stalactites and stalagmites. If you wish, you can take a boat ride along the underground river, admiring the natural beauty of the underground “kingdom”, which flows into a mountain lake. In the cave, all year round, the temperature is + 14-15 degrees and quite humid – 98%

After the cave, we will head to the Motsameta monastery, which, according to legend, was built on a mountain, where the Georgian princes David and Konstantin Mkheidze, who refused to convert to Islam, were executed by Muslim invaders. Motsameta Monastery – the name is translated as “martyrs” in honor of the princes David and Constantine. There is a legend that if you crawl three times on your knees under a tunnel with the relics of saints (there is a passage special for this), then your most cherished desire will certainly come true! Lunch at the Motsameta restaurant (optional, extra charge).

Day 7: Botanical Garden + Trout Farm Gasamania (gala dinner)

Breakfast. 9 km from Batumi, we are waiting for a 2-hour walk through the Botanical Garden.

It is impossible to come to Batumi and not visit the Botanical Garden. The garden is divided into 21 natural zones and is a microworld, where 7,000 plants from around the world are represented.

And at the end of your acquaintance with Georgia, a gala dinner awaits you in the Gasamania complex – an amazing place away from the bustle of the city. Trout farm, where you can combine a pleasant outdoor recreation near a mountain river with gastronomic pleasures. And of course, free tasting of wine and chachi in marani in the best traditions of Georgia. Trout, kebab, ojahuri, eggplant with nuts, wine and chacha will be a good ending to another day in amazing Adjara.

8 day: Free day


Transfer to the airport / train station

Optional excursion: Machahela Gorge

An excursion to the Machakhela Gorge National Reserve will be interesting not only to lovers of a good time in nature, but also to history and food lovers.

1. Machahela has an interesting story. In the 16th century, this region was captured by the Ottoman Turks. By that time, 4 families in Machahela were among the first in Europe to make flintlocks, and for some time the Machahelians could confront the enemy. This is the land of waterfalls and arched bridges of the 12th century and water mills. This is the land of mysterious jungle and mountain rivers. And of course, here in peasant families you can taste the food of the mountainous regions of Adjara. You will be offered a tasting of several types of cheeses, honey and wine.

2. Shopping in Turkey.

From the center of Batumi to the Turkish border is only 18 km, so in half a day you will have time to visit Turkey and make purchases. All things at affordable prices. You can also get Turkish sweets.

Tour price to Georgia for 10 days from Batumi – 1$

Included in cost:

  • Accommodation and meals in the hotel of the selected category: in Batumi – 9 nights, BB (breakfast);
  • Transfers on comfortable buses and minibuses as part of the tour;
  • Excursion programs with a professional English-speaking guide;
  • Wine tasting, chacha and honey;
  • Gala dinner;
  • Drinking water.

The price does not include:

  • Air flight;
  • Early check-in / late check-out to / from the hotel;
  • Additional food;
  • Optional excursion;
  • Entrance fees to all excursion objects (Martvili Canyon, Prometheus Cave, Botanical Garden, Gonio Fortress).

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