Excursion to Uzungol lake, Ataturk’s palace, ancient temples and mosques, shopping

Excursion to Uzungol lake + Ataturk’s palace + ancient temples and mosques + shopping – this is a rich excursion from Batumi to Turkey, in which we will see – read below.

On the high Souk Su hill, where the summer residences of the Trabzon aristocracy were usually located, is the Ataturk Palace. This luxury villa from 1890-1903 built by an Italian architect for the wealthy Trabzon banker Konstantin Karayannidis. The palace was built in the Art Nouveau style and is surrounded by a picturesque pine forest. In front of the mansion there is a beautiful area with roses, tulips and a large fountain.  In 1924, the first Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk stayed at the villa, and then the villa of Karayanidis was presented to Ataturk. The building itself, with its original architectural features, is considered one of the landmarks of Trabzon.

In Trabzon, we will also have a route through the famous churches (monasteries) of the Byzantine period and mosques.

General information:

Route: Batumi – Lake Uzungel – Ataturk’s Palace – ancient temples and mosques in Trabzon – TC “Forum” – Batumi

Duration: full day

Start: 06:00

Meeting point: Pick up from the hotel.


  • Lake Uzungol is a fresh lake in the northeastern part of Turkey, 99 km from the city of Trabzon. A place of rest and entertainment.
  • Ataturk’s palace.
  • St. Anne’s Church is one of the oldest churches ( century AD) in Trabzon. A classic example of traditional Byzantine architecture. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the church became a mosque, however, Byzantine decor elements were preserved in the interior decoration. The church is now a museum.
  • The Panagia Chrysokefalos Church (Fatih Mosque) in translation means the Golden-domed Mother of God ( century). It was the church of the emperors of the Trebizond Empire, here they were married to the kingdom, here were their burials. After the conquest of Trabzon by the Turks, it was turned into a mosque.
  • Church of St. Eugene (Yeni Kuma Mosque). Evgeny Trebizondsky is the heavenly patron of the city. The Holy Martyr Eugene preached Christianity, for which he was tortured and executed by the Romans. Byzantine times there was a large monastery of St. Eugene here, the date of its foundation is not known, presumably ⅩⅢ century. After the conquest of Trabzon by the Turks, the monastery was destroyed and the church turned into a mosque.
  • Monastery of Panagia Theoskepastos (Kizlyar) – the nunnery of the Mother of God (ⅩⅣ century). The fresco painting of the monastery suffered greatly due to the dampness. Now the monastery is under restoration and can only be seen from the outside.
  • The Gulbahar Khatun Mosque (1512-1514) is named after the beloved wife of Sultan Mehmed Fatih – Gulbahar Khatun. This is the first Muslim temple in Trabzon, originally erected as a mosque, and not converted into a mosque from a Christian church. The mosque complex includes the tombs of Mehmed Fatih himself and his wife Gulbahar Khatun.
  • And finally, shopping in the Forum shopping center is waiting for us.


Price for an excursion to Uzungol lake + Ataturk’s palace + ancient temples and mosques + shopping – 1 $


Children under 10 years old get a 20% discount.


Included in cost:

  • guide services;
  • transfer along the route.

The price does not include:

  • lunch;
  • souvenir products

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