Excursion to thermal springs, Jikheti monastery

Excursion to thermal springs (sulfur baths), a museum in Vani and a Jikheti temple – a one-day tour from Batumi for lovers of history, ancient artifacts and sulfur baths.

The excursion combines relaxation therapy in sulfur baths in the city of Vani and immersion in the world of mysteries and secrets of Guria. Jikheti Temple is the pearl of Guria. The conquerors could not get to him, as he hid in the depths of a dense forest. And now, when you go up to him, you feel enchanted in some very familiar fairy tale. Virgin nature, pure well water and clear air. These are the conditions in which the 25 novices of the monastery, which is next to the temple, live. The miraculous icon of the Mother of God is kept in the temple.

The city of Vani, not far from the temple, keeps many secrets. But one of them has already been opened. It is believed that the ancient Greek trading colony of Surion was located on the site of modern Vani. The remains of the ancient city of Vani were discovered by archaeologists in 1947. On this territory in the period from VIII to I centuries BC. e. there was a Colchis temple complex and a city.

General information:

Route: Batumi – Jikheti Temple – Museum in Vani – Sulfur Baths – Batumi

Duration: 6 hours

Start: 9:00

Meeting point: Pick up from the hotel.


  • We climb the mountain through a fairy forest to the Jikheti monastery
  • We have a picnic in the forest (optional)
  • The archaeological museum in the city of Vani displays exhibits reflecting the history of the city, from ancient times to modern times. Most of it is made up of artifacts from the 7th-3rd centuries BC. e., as well as works of art of the Hellenistic period (bronze satyrs, statuettes of Nika – the goddess of victory, amphoras, ballista shells that destroyed the city, fragments of destroyed buildings and drew)
  • And at the end of the trip – swimming in warm sulfur baths.


Price for excursion to thermal springs, museum in Vani and Jikheti temple:

  • Price for a minivan up to 7 people – 163 $
  • Price for a sprinter from 8 to 18 people – 176 $


Children under 10 have a 20% discount.


Included in cost:

  • guide services;
  • transfer along the route.

The price does not include:

  • entrance tickets to the museum;
  • picnic in nature.

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