Excursion to Borjomi, Vardzia cave city, Rabat fortress

Excursion to Borjomi, Vardzia cave city and Rabat fortress is a unique excursion that definitely will not leave you indifferent. We have all seen many castles, churches and palaces. There is something like this in almost every tourist city in the world, and therefore, over time, they do not impress us as much as at the beginning. But it will be interesting for everyone to visit the ancient city, carved into a monolithic rock high in the mountains. This is the Vardzia cave complex (12-13 centuries).

Borjomi is a city located in a gorge at an altitude of 800-850 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountain ranges with coniferous forest. It is known as a balneological resort and is famous for its healing air. Local residents make jam from pine and spruce cones here (useful for immune problems). In addition, Borjomi is famous for its mineral water, which is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolism and kidneys.

The recently reconstructed Rabat fortress can be seen from almost anywhere in the small town of Akhaltsikhe. During its centuries-old history, the citadel had to see a lot: devastation, desolation, rebuilding of churches, change of government. The name of the fortress comes from the Arabic language and means “fortified place”. Built in the 13th century, this military structure has seen a lot in its lifetime, the fortress has been repeatedly destroyed, often under siege, and eventually absorbed traces of various cultures and religions.

General information:

Route: Tbilisi – Borjomi – Vardzia cave city – Rabat fortress – Tbilisi

Duration: full day

Start: 06:00

Meeting point: Pick up from the hotel.


  • The first location on our route is the city of Borjomi. Here you can ride the cable car through the gorge. At the spring you can drink real Borjomi water. You can drink it for free and without restrictions. Pine cone preserves and pine pollen are also sold in local shops.
  • Transfer to the cave city of Vardzia. This is a real multi-storey complex with streets, tunnels and staircases leading past monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries, and residential buildings. A total of 600 different rooms. They go 50 meters deep into the mountain, and reach 8 floors in height. Even the secret passages that connected all these premises, the irrigation system and the water supply system have passed through time to this day.
  • Fortress Rabat. The fortress was erected in the 13th century by the princes of Dzhakeli and began to call it Akhaltsikhe (new fortress) – this name has been preserved to this day by the city that spreads out at its walls. In the 16th century, this territory was captured by the Ottoman Turks. They rebuilt and fortified the fortress, and gradually was spread the name Rabat. Within the walls of the fortress are located: a church, a mosque, a synagogue, a small park, various shops, a hotel, and even a registry office.


Price of excursion to Borjomi, Vardzia cave city and Rabat fortress:

  • Price for a minivan up to 7 people – 255 $
  • Price for a sprinter from 8 to 18 people – 302 $


Children under 10 have a 20% discount


Included in cost:

  • guide services;
  • transfer along the route.

The price does not include:

  • entrance tickets to Borjomi park, Vardzia and Rabat fortress;
  • riding the cable car;
  • lunch.

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